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If you are going on a trip or vacation, do you worry about the altitude? Whether it's to go skiing, hiking, or flying — altitude tablets can be your best option to support your body.

Brought to you by a leading brand in Colorado, Zaca makes altitude tablets in chewable form that helps you rehydrate, replenish, and recover faster.

Altitude Tablets

Altitude tablets, also known as altitude supplements, can get you natural support for your body while on mountain trips or long flights.

Our altitude tablets are made for travelers, climbers, athletes, and adventurers — who want to feel their best and maximize their performance.

These fast-acting chewable tablets are made to help you rehydrate, replenish, and recover. The perfect support you need when in high altitudes, planes, and the mountains.

Powerful 4-Herb Formula

Zaca's altitude tablets are a powerful, 4-herb formula that helps fuel your body for high altitude trips. 

This herbal remedy is formulated with the highest quality, science-backed ingredients and has been used by mountain climbers, hikers, and travelers since 2015.

These potent herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to help boost antioxidants, support immune function, and enhance physical performance.

The powerful 4-herb formula includes:

1. Glutathione - Research showed glutathione to deplete up to 45% in high altitudes.¹

(Source 1) Effect of high altitude (7,620 m) exposure on glutathione

2. Japanese Raisin (containing DHM) - DHM was found in a study to enhance physical performance under high altitude conditions.²

(Source 2) Dihydromyricetin Improves Physical Performance under Simulated High Altitude

3. Glutamine - A Brazilian study found that glutamine to have benefit for lower oxygen levels at high altitudes.³

(Source 3) The Possible Importance of Glutamine Supplementation in Hypoxia from High Altitude

4. Prickly Pear - Prickly pear is found to be loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that can support traveling.

The combination of these ingredients in these altitude tablets can give you everything you need to support the body while traveling.

Fight Oxidative Stress

The human body is constantly under attack from free radicals, called oxidative stress, which can increase when in high altitude conditions.

Zaca's altitude tablets contain antioxidants including glutathione and japanese raisin to help you fight oxidative stress. In addition, glutathione alone was found to be depleted in high altitudes.

  • A study out of India showed glutathione to deplete up to 45% by high altitude hypoxia.¹

By supplementing glutathione and other amino acids, you can help replenish your antioxidant levels to support the body's natural defense systems.

Support Immune Function

The immune system is under stress when traveling. 30SecondsToFly states that just the emotional or physical stress of traveling can weaken and suppress your immune defenses.⁴

Altitude tablets are a safe and effective way to help support your immune function while flying, traveling, and on mountain adventures. The herbs and amino acids in Zaca's altitude tablets, have a long history of use as adaptogens or tonics.

Glutathione particularly was shown to increase natural killer cell activity, and is known to play a key role in supporting immune function.

  • Glutathione (Setria) showed a 200% increase in natural killer cell (NK) activity.⁵

Supporting your immune system adds an additional layer of protective support to your body when going on mountain adventures or flying.

(Source 4) Can Flying Weaken Your Immune System

(Source 5) Setria Glutathione Infographic

Enhance Hydration

When you visit high altitude destinations, your body will increase respiration due to lower oxygen levels (also called hypoxia). Combined with dry climates, it can increase your chances of dehydration.

Zaca's altitude tablets utilize glutamine, which has been shown in research to increase cellular hydration and promote water retention.⁶

Taking Zaca while traveling or climbing can support your body's ability to absorb water better and maximize hydration. 

(Source 6) Glutamine as an Anti-Fatigue Amino Acid

Reduce Fatigue

A major issue at high altitudes is the fatigue and tiredness you can feel. It can take you out for a day or slow you down.

In addition to its hydration abilities, glutamine has been shown to play a anti-fatigue role.⁶ Combined with japanese raisin, another ingredient in Zaca's altitude tablets, was shown to have significant anti-fatigue effects.⁷

These ingredients can help you revitalize your body and energy when on high altitude trips.

(Source 7) Anti-fatigue activity of Hovenia dulcis

Take On-The-Go Packets

These altitude tablets are a convenient, easy-to-use supplement that can be taken with you on your travels anytime.

Zaca comes in a portable packet that can easily fit in your pocket, purse, luggage or climbing bag. They are small, fast-acting chewable tablets that are quick to eat,  so it’s no trouble to take them on-the-go.

Each packet contains 2 chewable altitude tablets, and should be taken each day before and during your high altitude trips or flights.

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Zaca altitude tablets are a fast-acting, effective solution to your travels in the mountains and on airplanes.