Drinking on Keto is a Totally Different Ballgame!

Drinking on Keto is a Totally Different Ballgame!

Callie Lee

Keto Lifestyle. Busy Mom. 120 lbs Weight Loss Story.

"One of the first things you learn when you start a ketogenic lifestyle is that electrolytes are SO important. One of the other things you learn pretty quickly, usually the hard way, is that drinking while in ketosis is a totally different ballgame.
Zaca Recovery Chewables have helped me be able to have a couple drinks without a dreaded keto morning-after. With two small kiddos to chase after in the mornings, this is a lifesaver. No one wants to parent with a rough morning. 

These tablets are perfect for anyone on the go. They help with workout recovery, altitude & drinking. I highly recommend them!" 

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